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Nothing is more central to the OPM Wire mission than organizing all of Bay Street's kompromat. You can submit any tips you have through our patent-pending One-Klick Kompromat Submission Button in the lower right corner of the blog. If you ever feel down, you can always come back to this page and experience the bliss of Kompromat-induced Schadenfreude℠.

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Serial stories by OPM Wire and some of our best and most original work.

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NoBull Klev

NoBull Klev is the Kustodian of the OPM brand, the Chief Kompromat Officer for OPM Wire and the founder of the NoBull Prize in Bullcrap Nonproliferation. NoBull Klev is the first and only frontstabber on Bay Street. All others are either backstabbers or, worse yet, nonstabbers. You can read NoBull Klev's most personal thoughts in this section.

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Second Mouse Plan

The strategic playbook of superior investors and entrepreneurs, covering capital allocation strategies, tech strategy and Second Mouse moguls.

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HNW shops

We are still developing our coverage of wealth management firms targeting (or more likely, victimizing) High Net Worth Investors. Send us tips.

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Private Equity

Our coverage of Private Equity is currently weak, but we'll ramp it up at some point. Send us tips using the contact button at the bottom right of the blog.

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Pension funds

Our coverage of pension funds sucks and will continue to suck for the foreseeable future. Send us tips anyways.

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Real estate

Our real estate coverage sucks and will continue to suck for the foreseeable future! If you have any tips, please share using the Emergency Kompromat Submission Button in the lower right corner.

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